We are pleased to unveil the brand new PRHS Library website! You will notice that things look a lot different but rest assured, the same great services are still being provided.

Hey, check out that fancy drop down menu above; pretty neat, huh? Click on a database to go directly there. Need a password? Well, click on Database Passwords, enter the super secret password (hint: look below) and you’ll have access to all the usernames and passwords to the databases. Do you need help citing a source or creating your bibliography? Just click on MLA Format/Citing.

lavalampOn the far right side of the page, you’ll be able to read about the latest library happenings via our Twitter (follow us!), maybe see yourself on our Flickr account,  or read the latest library newsletter. You’ll also find links to other libraries in the area, various student resources and some official library business.

Our blog (what you are reading right now) will be updated once a week with the latest library news, ie. book reviews, new books, events, etc, so be sure to check back often. If you want to read old blog posts or search the website, you can check out the Archives and/or use the Search function.

We hope that you enjoy the new website. If you have any questions, comments, things you’d like to see on here, broken links, or notice anything buggy, please email us at hslibrary@prhs.sau48.org.

Now go explore the site already!


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