Josh Shipp is dedicated to one thing: entertaining, inspiring, and empowering teens. He’s written books, shared the stage with Bill Cosby, appeared on MTV, Comedy Central, NBC, FOX, TLC, and in the LA TIMES . And he’s already established an international reputation as an inspiring youth speaker with a simple and entertaining, yet challenging message.

Abandoned and abused as a child, Josh was able to triumph over the tragedy, and he continues to encourage everyone to overcome struggles and live life to the fullest. And he does so through the power of laughter. Josh is animated and hilarious, and his speaking style is challenging and thought-provoking. Josh has spoken to more than one million people about how his opportunities in life have made him who he is today. For over eight years, he has inspired, empowered, and entertained audiences all over the world. Josh’s ability to connect with the audience is a rare gift and is one you don’t want your audience to miss.

Josh is a spokesperson for National Foster Care Month, a marathon runner and a guitar hero. (

coinsWhat book did you read this summer? The library staff read a lot of fun and interesting titles (see book review).  No change in that, because we read a lot every summer. The difference this past summer is that while we were reading our books we thought about how our theme of “change” was reflected in the books that we were reading.

As Mrs. Harland read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith, she thought about the interesting twist that Graham-Smith put on the Jane Austen classic. How could adding ultra-violent zombie mayhem improve the beautiful love story between Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy? Amazingly, the change in the story made it perfectly delightful and actually answered several questions that many readers had with the original Pride and Prejudice (see

Did you find change in your summer reading books, too?


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