Every year at PRHS library, we join hands with others nationwide to celebrate intellectual freedom during Banned Books Week. All week long, we highlight banned books in order to promote the idea that no single person or governmental body should have control over what the rest of us read.

What kinds of books get banned? All kinds. Check out these surprising book-bans:

The Bible (220.5 HOL) – Often considered to be one of the most essential and popular works of literature ever composed, many people throughout history—even as recently as the 1990’s—have attempted to ban the book from libraries and schools for its allegedly obscene content.

Of Mice and Men (F STE) – Although Pulitzer prize winner John Steinbeck can be found on many required reading lists for English classes, some still attempt to ban this title for the book’s occasional use of coarse language and using God’s name inappropriately.

American Heritage Dictionary (423 AME) – Even a book as common as the dictionary has been removed from book collections for its inclusion of supposed inappropriate words.

It’s up to us to work together to maintain intellectual freedom for all. Come check out the new display at the library and exercise your first amendment rights.


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