This year, the PRHS book club is joining together with other cities throughout New Hampshire to participate in the BigRead, a program sponsored by the National Foundation for the Arts that encourages communities countrywide to read and talk about a single book.

This year’s book, Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, is a one of the great American classics. Here’s a thought from BigRead about why New Hampshire is reading it.

“What is it about To Kill a Mockingbird that touches us so deeply? What is it about the story of Atticus and Scout that we are able to continuously relate with? What is the common theme that humanity so adamantly believes in that the novel exemplifies so well? And what is it about reading that no other form of media, entertainment or art can imitate? To Kill a Mockingbird is no secret a powerful book. It has been, and in some parts still is a banned book. It has been voted the number one book of the 20th century, and has adaptations in play and film, not to mention the numerous writers who have used similar story lines and characters for the works. To Kill a Mockingbird still speaks to people of all ages, and its message is still relevant for our world today. Take a look at the To Kill a Mockingbird Big Read NH Bibliography to view related works and see exactly how relevant and alive the novel remains. Scholars and authors, actors and reporters, all still speak and write about the effect that To Kill a Mockingbird has had on our culture and society.”

Events happening at Pease and PRHS


Book club discussion on Wednesday, March 10th after school in the library.
Movie showing on Tuesday March 16th beginning at 3:00 PM in the library.

At Pease:
Book Discussion: Wednesday, March 17th at 7PM.

Movie Viewing:  Wednesday, March 24th at 7PM.

Both the book discussion and the movie will be facilitated by Frumie Selchen, Arts Alliance of Northern New Hampshire.

More information can be found here:


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