Today we celebrate Dunce Day, marking the death of medieval scholar John Duns Scotus of Duns, Scotland in 1308!

Dunce Day is all about learning and silly cone hats… so, lets get your learn on (hats are optional!) John Duns Scotus of Duns, Scotland was a medieval scholar who believed that cone shaped hats increased learning potential and that knowledge would flow from the point of the cap, down and into the head of the wearer, making that person smarter (Hmmm?!) Over time all this really accomplished was the perception of a person wearing a Dunce Cap to be, a Dunce. There was a positive side to his use of Dunce Caps, it motivated the wearer to learn more, so he could be rid of the the cap.

So put on a Dunce Cap today, and have a very smart and educational Dunce Day (or not…we already know you are extraordinarily smart…no caps needed!!!)


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