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Today we celebrate the birthday of Lewis Carol, famed author and poet of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass, The Voice of the Lobster (not the famous Ghost Lobster!) and many, many more!

Here are some interesting facts about the imaginative and brilliant author…

He had seven sisters (Frances, Elizabeth, Caroline, Mary, Margaret, Louisa, and Henrietta) and three brothers (Skeffington, Wilfred, and Edwin).

As a teenager edited his own magazines.

He was a professional mathematician.

Carol was educated at home by his parents.

He published his first book of poems, Phantasmagoria, in 1869.




821 CAR

823 WIN

793.73 GAR


The wait is over!!! On January 9th we welcomed our newest (and most adorable!) member of the library team, Sydney Gage Campbell!!! YAY! A big congratulations to Mrs Campbell and her family!

As you may remember we had a contest here in the library to guess if Mrs Campbell was having a boy or a girl, the due date and what the baby’s name should be (so much fun!!!)

Here are the long awaited results…

Baby’s Birthday: 1% November, 87% December (most of you guessed the 25th!), 10% January and 2% February (thank goodness you were not correct you 2%!!!)

Boy or Girl: 54% of you guessed BOY!

Out of all the amazing names you picked here are just a few of our favorites: Tiberius, Beatrice, Kiera, Altair, Jack Gallows, Helga, Ushio, Ophelia, Jamaul, Viola and our all time favorite…MEGATRON!


“No one summons Megatron!”

“I will soon be the master of the crystal of power!!!”

“The fun has begun, but it’s no joke!”

“I’ll crush you with my bare hand!”

“You couldn’t lead androids to a picnic!”

“Spare me, you gaseous sycophant!”

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