What’s that you say? It’s Alfred Hitchcock Day!!!

Here are some fun and interesting facts about the Master of Suspense, Alfred Hitchcock…

1. He developed a lifelong fear of police when he was a young child and his father sent him to the police station; the police chief locked him in a cell for a few minutes, saying, “This is what we do to naughty boys.”

2. He began his movie career in 1919, illustrating title cards for silent films in London.

3. He directed the first British sound film, the 1929 thriller Blackmail.

4. He is considered one of the greatest directors of all time, but never won a competitive Oscar; when he received the Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award at the 1967 Oscars, his acceptance speech was simply, “Thank you.”

5.  He was granted a knighthood by Queen Elizabeth in 1980, shortly before his death.

(Remind you of the crows in our parking lot?!? CAW-CAW-CAW-CAW!)


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