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I saw it! It was there, right there. On, I swear to God, on a bicycle.

It was about 4 foot tall, skin like leather, like a saddle.

A bi-petal frog, a swamp creature, walking right near my onion patch.

I swung at it with my gardening hoe, but it ran into the woods.

I swear to you that this is a hundred percent true blue story.

Not like those crazy stories those folks from the bayou make about Skunk Ape.

Or about Bigfoot in Washington State.

Or the Loch Ness Dinosaur in Scotland.

This one is no hoax, no guy in a monkey suit, not fake plaster casts.

This was real. I saw it! Right there…


To dream a dream and be free

From hate of those who don’t see

The unique people we really are,

For their minds don’t stretch that far.

The blades of their words cut deep,

And cause our hopes to seep

Into the safety of our dreams.


The dreams of what could be,

And futures that we hope to see.

Dreams of fortune and fame,

Dreams of life without shame,

Dreams of all the things we long for,

Dreams of being something more,

Such dreams are what we strive for.


They try so hard to kill such dreams,

And rip them apart at the seams.

Their words were the chains that bound

Us in place, until we finally found

The thing that sets us free,

So now we’ll make them see:

We made those dreams a reality.

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