Mural, mural on the wall,

Who painted you so tall?


Your train is red, with a yellow pinstripe,

And you look to be the adventurous type.


At my first glance I thought you a zoo,

But now I know that there’s a story too.


The monkey that’s staring has quite a grin,

Which probably cause Frog has a cute twin.


And the dog in the hat who sits at the rear,

Has some fire in his paw- and very little cheer.


Oh, my dear Train, are you aware?

You’re about to receive quite a bad scare!


The flame is moving a little too fast

They should’ve told you, you should’ve asked.

That old dog is the one with the past,

Experimenting too often with making a blast.


And here goes your body, eaten by fire,

I can’t look at a situation so dire.


So I wait, and I wait, for you to be gone,

But as of yet you are not withdrawn.


I think it’s a miracle, if ever I recall,

That there is still a mural sitting on that wall.


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