Fruit Leather, Mascara, a large bag of M&M’s, and a strawberry banana Naked fruit smoothie

I walked into aisle 12 cradling my items I dumped them out onto the conveyor belt

There standing across from me was Queen Elizabeth the second of England


She stood smiling, in a jewel encrusted crown, her long white gown, glittered with diamonds

“Hello”, she waved and then began scanning in my items

I have never seen anything done so gracefully, so regal


She pulled each item across the belt as if moving it along the water

Once she was done she moved to the end, to bag my goods

“Can I help you with that?” I asked still in awe “Your majesty”, I managed to throw in after

“Oh thank you, but I am quiet alright”, she smiled and opened the bag as if it were a present

She loaded everything into the bag and closed it up, pushing it towards me

“Have a lovely day” she smiled and began moving her hand side to side in a regal wave

“Thank you, you as well, your highness”, I stuttered

I think I’ll come back next week, perhaps Price Harry will be in


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