While the goldfish crackers find the way to his mouth from his left hand,

The quiet voice of Jane Eyre speaks to him from his right;

I wonder what the little woman is saying.


Its not proper to slump over the table like that or maybe

Why do your tablemates say such crude things which reminds

Him that he’s not alone with his goldfish and CapriSun.

He looks up to pretend like he’s interested in their conversations.


The never-ending din that surrounds him while he eats is especially

Vivacious today.

Probably a result of the extra sunlight that’s mixed in with the

Usual, boring incandescents.


His face is pinched as he attempts to focus on Jane,

And his tense shoulders are set so he won’t invade

His neighbor’s peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

He’s obviously rushed , and yet gives off a quiet air of

Complete calm and patience.


As the trays clatter around him,

And Lenahan makes his usual rounds of heckling,

And his companions chat about their Spanish exam,

And his hand continues to find his goldfish,

He is lost. Even as he sits perched on the crooked

Cafeteria seat of Plymouth Regional, he is lost


With a quiet mumble of where he has to go,

He excuses himself from an oblivious table

And makes his way across the smooth-tiled floor.

Jane Eyre is closed tight and his eyes are open

To find his way.


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