OMG…we are SO excited to have you back! We have a lot of exciting new things happening in the library this year along with a few changes! This summer a beautiful, new EARNED TIME LOUNGE, aka ‘The Bubble,’ was built just for you in the back of the library….HUZZAH! Students with earned time can come and hang out during any of their free blocks to play games, watch tv or relax on the couches (no napping!) This will leave the rest of the library an area for quiet studying (super awesome plan, right?!)

We also wanted to give a huge CONGRATULATIONS shout out to Mrs. Campbell who had a baby boy this past June! His name is Bodhi (Megatron¬†II for short!) and he is adorable!!! She will be taking this year off to be with her cutie pies and in her absence Ms. Fleck will be the librarian for this year. We are also very excited to have Mrs. Weeks back this year (YAY!) as well a new library aide that will be working the late shift, Mr. Tyler! Not only is Mr. Tyler a master at MLA but he is also an extraordinary photographer as well as a PRHS graduate (which makes him extra awesome… PRHS represent)!





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