What do you mean books can be banned?! WE CALL SHENANIGANS!!!  This month the PRHS Library celebrates the freedom to read literature that has been banned or challenged in various schools and libraries around the world! So stop by and relish in your intellectual freedom by checking out a banned book this month (yeah, that’s right…our library has like a bazillion banned books for you to choose from, okay, maybe not a bazillion…but still!)

Here are just few banned books that we have in our library of awesomeness that other libraries and schools have given the big red stamp of un-approval!

The Harry Potter Series…banned in countless schools for containing witchcraft and promoting lying, cheating and stealing…the series is also at the top of the Most Frequently Challenged Books of the Decade List, blimey!!!


The Lorax…banned in Laytonville, California School District on grounds that this book criminalizes the forestry industry.


The Hunger Games Series…banned being anti-ethnic and anti-family as well as containing  insensitivity, offensive language and violence.


The Kite Runner… banned for offensive language and sexual content.


 The Catcher in the Rye…banned due to obscene language and inspiring teens to rebel.




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