Happy World Animal Day! Did you know that a cow’s “moo” has a different accent depending on what region they originate from? That bats always turn left when they fly out of a cave? That Zebras are actually white with black stripes, not the other way around? That Flamingos can only eat when their heads are upside down and a duck’s quack never echoes, anywhere, and nobody knows why! WHAT?!  World Animal Day was started in 1931 at a convention of ecologists in Florence Italy as a way of highlighting the plight of endangered species. Since then, World Animal Day has become a day for remembering and paying tribute to all animals and the people who love and respect them!

The mission of World Animal Day is to

(1) Celebrate animal life in all its forms

(2) Celebrate humankind’s relationship with the animal kingdom

(3) Acknowledge the diverse roles that animals play in our lives – from being our companions to supporting and helping us and bringing a sense of wonder into our lives

(4) Acknowledge and be thankful for the way in which animals enrich our lives



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