Happy National Ice Cream Day!


1. It takes 12 lbs. of milk to make just one gallon of ice cream!

2. The U.S. enjoys an average of 48 pints of ice cream per person, per year, more than any other country!

3. It takes an average of 50 licks to polish off a single-scoop ice cream cone.

4.  Industrial production of ice cream begun in 1851 in Boston, United States.

5. The most popular flavor of ice cream is vanilla followed by chocolate, strawberry and cookies n’ cream (YUM)!

6. Ice cream cones were invented during the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis, when large demand forced ice cream vendor to find help from nearby waffle vendor. Together they made history!

7. Ice cream “brain freeze” effect is triggered when cold ice touches the roof of your mouth, which causes blood vessels in the head to dilate (brrrrrrrrrrrr)!

8. Ice cream was only eaten by the rich until ice houses were invented around 1800.

9. The ice-cream industry generates more than $21 billion in annual sales in the United States.

10. New Englander’s are the largest consumers of ice cream in the United States (awwwww yes)!


Want to make your own ice cream?! Check out these delicious homemade recipes!


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