Happy Teddy Bear day!

Did you know???

1. Bears first appeared in stories in 1834 in the story Goldilocks.

2. The first stuffed bear soft toys were created by Margarete Steiff who registered patents for 23 of her soft toy designs, including a dancing bear and a bear handler with a brown bear in 1899. They were called ‘Bruins’!

3. In 1912 the German soft toy company run by Steiff created a black bear to give as mourning gifts for all those who lost loved ones on the Titanic.

4. One of the most famous and loved bears of all times,  Winnie-the-Pooh,  was published by A.A. Milne in 1926.

5. The largest stitched teddy bear measures 55 ft 4 in, in length. The smallest stitched teddy bear  measures 4.5mm (so tiny it can fit your fingernail!) and is fully jointed with a movable head, arms and legs!


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(Never judge a book by it’s cover, mmmm, or title! There is a bear story inside, we swear)!

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