This Sunday and Monday, November 1st and 2nd, we celebrate Dia De Los Muertos or Day of the Dead! Day of the Dead is celebrated throughout Latin America and Mexico by honoring the dead with festivals and lively celebrations!


Fun Facts!

1. Day of the Dead originated 3,000 years ago with the Aztecs who had annual ceremonies to honor the deceased and welcome the temporary return of their spirits. Today, people celebrate by cleaning the graves of their loved ones, singing songs, telling stories about their ancestors and  picnicking! 

2. Sugar Skulls (a delicious, decorated skull made out of sugar) are a symbol of death and the afterlife and are typically inscribed with the names of the deceased on the forehead (learn how to make your own Sugar Skulls HERE! 

3. Legend has it that butterflies are the souls of the deceased returning to earth.

4. Marigolds are often placed at altars and graves. They are known as the flower of the dead and their scent is believed to attract the souls and draw them back.

5. During Day of the Dead there are parades with floats, bands, and even handmade coffins with replica skeletons in them!


Build your own Day of the Dead Alter with the Smithsonian Latino Center HERE!

Want to learn more about the food and drink on a Day of the Dead alter? Check THIS out!

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  • Welcome Katie!!! So glad you stopped by! Our “own” time is important and much needed, but honestly I’m realizing I’m not supposed to be alone…I miss him!

  • Jeg tænker at hvis i kan finde et super godt hjem til Dino, hvor du, mamma og alle ved at han har det helt perfekt, sÃ¥ vil det ikke føles helt sÃ¥ vanskeligt at omplacere ham. Jeg skulle i jeres sted have søgt efter et sÃ¥dant sted nu, sÃ¥ han kan komme videre mens han endnu er ung. Det bliver kun vanskeligere om man venter 1-2 Ã¥r mere.mange knusMiriam

    • Viki says:

      James, this was my first triathlon experience and I enjoyed it very much. You and your team were very organized and suptirpove. I look forward to seeing you again next year.

  • otomankoukam, že to má každej úplnÄ›jiný. Asi podle toho jak hodnÄ› toho má, nebo kolik vydÄ›lá. Já jsem to mÄ›l taky úplnÄ› jinak než vÅ¡ici tady okolo

  • http://www./ says:

    Nobody 0  2Wenn er meint dass er’s braucht….. ———————————o00o–°(_)°–o00o———————————…dann sei’s drum!!!!!!!!!!! Ist als Kind vermutlich zu oft auf den Kopf gefallen.

  • Why are most people here blaming YouTube. They are a business. If it is economically unsound to show videos and if they are making losses because of it, it would be stupid for them to continue. If PRS kept the same contract they had before with YouTube there would be no issue. Damn.

  • Don (Soldier & Fellow Warrant)As I watched you partially grow up and become man and soldier, as a friend of your family you made all of us proud, even though you left us too soon, but your love of God and country, the services you rendered will not be forgotten. Your sacrifice was given, for others to live on and to be free…..CW5 (Ret) K.S. Oneal

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