“Loss of Faith”

By Chelsea Nadeau

(Class of 2018)

I had a dream – All I saw was red.

I woke up crying – and I wondered what was next.

It was not just a dream!

I saw fear in their eyes, as if I was causing a scene.

The air smelled of death, and I heard a scream.

And the next thing I knew, I was running out of breath.

Now, I knew it was not just a dream –

It was me trying to understand all that I see –

Why is this happening to me?

By the end of it all, I was broken.

My dreams turned to nightmares,

My faith, my hope, they are all gone.  

Now, I sit here alone with my unspoken prayers,

Hoping for answers that are not there.

I found hope and someone helped me survive.

I couldn’t help but hide what happened,

after finding that all those souls died.

I cried in happiness that I made it out alive.


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