“Dear Liberation”

By Caleb Kelley

I have a lot of things I wish I could erase from my memory –

The starving eyes of the Jews,

The piles of shoes

Whose owners are no more,

And the guilt I feel.

How could one man do this to another?

To thousands of others?

If I could, I would take back

Every second of this hell.

How were we so blind?

So blind to the truth

That we thought what we were doing was right.

It smelled of two things in the air –

Death and burning flesh.

Hundreds of cries for help gone unanswered,

Thousands of beautiful women decimated and doomed

Children torn from their families and thrown into fires.

Punished for doing nothing wrong.

A little boy begs for his mother

“Back” he is told by another

“She is in a deep sleep.”

How cruel

To ruin thousands of innocent lives,

All because of one man.

He convinced millions

It was the fault of the Jews

So whoever finds this –

This letter of sorrow,

I apologize for all that’s been done.

Perhaps we will meet again someday on the other side of this sin

Perhaps there will be a better tomorrow

Yours Truly,

German Officer


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