“The Red and White”

By Seth Mapes

When we think of the families we once had, we think of red.

Yet, there is still a feeling of the purity and innocence of white.

If there is a thought of our families- those thoughts are of the dead.

When we think of rest, we think of the chance to sleep on an actual bed,

In this place, we dare not make peep,

Especially when the guards are trying to sleep.

When there are thoughts of this great aggression,

Through the oppression,

We still think of divination.

With all of the destruction and fire,

Our situation is rather dire.

With the smell of burning flesh,

It is hard to see in through the barbed wire mesh.

When things get the worst kind of  intense,

The ones who are still alive still fight for innocence.

Yet, through the thought of the burning sensation of red and danger,

We are all saved by a strangers,

Men who have cause and care,

So that we may be spared.

With the white of a pure and righteous flame,

The soldiers came.

With thoughts of red came killing,

And with the purity of white came the beginning of healing.



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