“My Letter to the World”

By Alex Hamel

Dear Bella,

I hope this letter finds you well. I am being held in a terrible place, and I need your word that you will carry my message to the world, so that there will never be another atrocity like this Holocaust As I write, I hear more trains delivering Jews like cordwood to the flames. The sound of prayers and the cries of the righteous haunt my soul. Ashes fall like snow from a chimney as ovens turn the righteous to smoke in the air.  All Jews get a yellow star of David. I am one of them. Every night, I feel the burning heat of the cold as hell freezes over the camps. We all feel betrayed by Hitler and the Nazis. I feel emptiness and anger and betrayal. The air smells of burning flesh as the bodies are being torched and turned to ashes. No matter where I stand the ashes fill my lungs, and the dark nights are filled with terror. I need you to carry my message around the world so others don’t face the same atrocity I faced. My hope is that my message gets to every country, and that they are able to prevent another Holocaust from ever happening.


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