“We Once Lived in Peace”

By Zachary Kennedy

We once lived in peace in this perfect society,

then fear sunk in

and we never spoke.

Ripped apart from family and friends,

We knew.

We knew

We would never see them again.

The beauty of the world we knew would soon be gone.

Dreams and hopes tossed into the flames,

Futures destroyed, futures we would never see.

Looking back was not our choice.

Silence broke in all of our minds-

We were children who laughed,

We were free.

Now, we suffer.

We wish to escape this world of hate,

as smoke fills the air with ash and dust.

Broken homes and memories are soon erased.

As we keep moving, I feel myself fading

From this world that we were once creating.

Communities are cleared like viruses.

diseases spread that cannot be cured.

we are a people driven away because of hate

Now questioning how long we will last.

Stories soon will be told of our past

Teaching others to love instead of hate,

Coming together as one community,

Filling this new world with spectacular beauty.

We must learn to speak up if we  wish to eliminate hate.


One Response to “National Poetry Month!”

  • Winter says:

    Dear girl, by Friday we all pretty much look like you do, tired but nothing the weekend can't fix nor a glass of wine. Enjoy your weekend, you look gr!)(e(t(HUGSa)) Susanne 🙂

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