The Darkness of The Night

By Evan Stout

Arriving on steam trains,

Jews see tortured, unhealthy, half dead prisoners-

Screaming, fighting, crying and cursing.

Evil guards tortured and killed thousands of innocent families

at the dirty, filthy concentration camps .

Elie was forced to live in a concentration camp that stunk of death and poison.

He was a brave victim.

Hitler was a Satan of a leader,

the holocaust was a hell for the victims.

People were beaten down, but some stayed hopeful.

No matter what, they did not give up.

They were hoping for a new beginning,

a beginning with happiness, full of joy.

The people fought for their families,

they fought for freedom,

they fought for hope and joy.

Even when they were beaten down, tired, and lost,

they cried tears of joy when they were liberated-

they knew it was time for change.

Always have hope and never give up, evil will never win.

Learn from the mistakes that once happened here.


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