“ Holocaust poetry”

By Hunter Wilkins

The officer yelled “men to the left, women to the right.”

His voice was as loud as a Mack truck rolling down a bumpy road.

I could feel the pressure of my father’s hand

it felt like sinking my hand into icy water.

I was parting from my mother and sister forever

I felt I was lost in a forest,

For three years we stuck together,

when the end seemed near, fate separated us.

The thought of never finding my family

is like getting a new puppy

losing it, finding once more and then

watching it die

We were given no food,

we lived on snow.

no beds to sleep on and no food for nourishment.

it is like sleeping on a wooden floor of filth

only dirty, diseased water to drink

I ran off to look for my father,

afraid of having to wish him a Happy New Year

when I no longer believed in it.

The feeling of panic, wondering if I would find him

is like not being able to find parents  who were swallowed up in a crowded store

The other prisoners and I very soon became friends

Finding a new friend

is like going to school on the first day  not knowing anyone

and then talking to people

and finding you have a lot in common.

Sometimes when things are sad you can find happiness


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