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Summer in the Library

Long sunny days, thunderstorms, swimming, ice cream, fireflies, hiking, bike rides, and most importantly, reading (yesssss)! Hooray…it’s SUMMER TIME!!!

Remember, you can stop by and pick up a book or say hello to Ms Fleck this summer in the library! We will be open every weekday from July 11th until August 12th from 8 a.m to 12 p.m…YAY!

Links to check out…

Local Library Guide: Remember, with your PRHS Student ID you get a free library card to the Pease Public Library where you can access free museum passes all year (AWESOME)!

OverDrive: Access free eBooks and Audiobooks all summer on any device! If you are unsure of your password, simply email Ms. Fleck!

AP and Honors Summer Assignments: This will provide you with a guide to all of your AP and Honors summer assignments!

Freshmen Guide: Are you an incoming freshmen? Check out this guide to make sure you are prepared for next year. Welcome to the Class of 2020! 

Have a wonderful summer everyone!!!


The Library would like to send out a HUGE congratulations to the class of 2016!!! We are so proud of you all and wish you the very best of success on your next adventure! We also want to give a very special thank you to our three unbelievable senior library aides, Colin Ransom, Rachel Grotheer, and Jonathan Hawes. We miss you all already (and if you ever need a job reference  you know where to come)! CONGRATULATIONS and the very best of luck to you all!




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