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Did you Know?

1. His full name was Edward Estlin Cummings

2. He began writing poetry when he was only eight years old. He further developed his dynamic, modern style while he was a student at Harvard.

3. He was married three times — to Elaine Orr, Anne Minnerly Barton, and Marion Morehouse — and had one daughter.

4. As a poem artist, he has an unusual way of writing by never using capital letters, reason for which his name appears as ‘˜ee cummings’. Cumming’s technique raised many controversies among linguistic professionals.

5. E. E. Cummings dedicated his self-published volume of poetry, No Thanks, to the fourteen publishers who had turned it down.

6. He volunteered as an ambulance driver during World War I in France and was later interned by French authorities in a prison camp on suspicion of espionage.

7. He was born in Cambridge, MA and died in North Conway, NH.


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