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The Winter 2010 copy of the library newsletter is out and ready to quench your insatiable library newsletter appetite. Read about Kindles, digital portfolios, and the pretty cool Ms. Lipka. How cool? Well, cool enough to beat you on the Favela map of Modern Warfare 2. Ch-ch-ch-check it out!


Kindle_DXThe library has recently acquired 20 Kindle DXs for student and teacher use.

For those of you who do not know what a Kindle is, please allow us to explain. Kindle is a piece of technology developed by that allows users to download and read books on a slim, portable, and lightweight computerized tablet. The Kindle DX features storage for up to 3500 books, wireless access, a large screen and the ability for the book to be read out loud to you.

Currently, we have a handful of books on the Kindles, but with a $14k budget, we will soon be expanding the collection!

If you are interested in checking one out, please see Mrs. Harland, Mr. Schrier or Mr. Brough. Checkouts are for 3 weeks with the condition that if we need them back for a class, you will have to return them. Also, please keep in mind that these are expensive pieces of technology (about $500/each) so you will be responsible for them.

In closing:

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