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Random Acts of Kindness Day encourages us to be kind to others, helping to create a nicer, better world. Use today as an opportunity to be kind your classmates, teachers, family, friends, neighbors, and others. You will find that your kindness will rub off on others, and generates even more kindness (which is THE BEST)!

Need some inspiration? Check out the Random Acts of Kindness official website for unlimited  ideas to make someone’s day amazing!





Lets take a moment to recognize how absolutely extraordinary the PRHS Community is! As a school you donated 5,200 pounds of food during your Homecoming week for the Community Closet  Food Pantry which supports 14 towns and feeds 356 families. Together you created a positive influence not only in the lives of the families who rely on your yearly contributions but also for those who were inspired by your kindness, generosity and overwhelming enthusiasm to make a difference in your community. Great job PRHS, you truly are our Hometown Heroes!


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