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There is so much to tell you about the library for this school year that it will blow your mind. Here are seven new things for you to check out, presented fancypants list-style.

  1. Like a million new books.
  2. New magazines (MAD, ATV Rider and Motocross Action)
  3. Mr. Thorpe, sometimes Mr. Boyle and eventually Ms. Lipka. These amazing people will be in the library to help coach you in English and Math. They are also some very cool cats!
  4. End of the day tutors.
  5. A globe.
  6. More digital cameras and flip video cameras.
  7. Web cams. What?!

So come in and check out the most happenin’ place in school. And tell us what book you read this summer so we can add it to our bulletin board.

We will leave you with this hilarious photo…


Check it out. It’s a bunny with a pancake on it’s head. PANCAKE BUNNY!

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